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Our Team

Revere is the next logical step in real estate - We are a team of expert marketers and salespeople passionate about Edmonton. We take your home and make it a masterpiece - Not only this, we save you thousands over the other guys.

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    Joshua Blais

    Broker, Founder

    From a young age, Josh has been surrounded by buildings. His love for real estate comes from working on the mechanical systems of large commercial projects with his Dad. Inspired whenever he looks at the skyline of the city, he set out to create a brokerage that felt the same about what real estate really means - Home. Dreams. A Place for us all. Revere is that brokerage.

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    Cody Serediak


    Cody brings his instense loyalty to his clients, fighting for them to get the best in every negotiation. Starting his career at a typical big box brokerage, Cody has seen the antiquity of it all, and was the first agent to join Revere. His belief in doing all that is possible for his clients pushed Revere to create the pricing models that you see today.

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    Seth Macdonald


    As a commercial and residential real estate agent, Seth has worked on various leases and purchases to help his clients reach their investing and growth goals as well as helping them find their dream homes

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    Bobby Kriangkum


    Bobby cares deeply about his clients and values getting to know the intricacies of their needs. With a background in program management, his commitment and enthusiasm will help you along in your real estate journey.

Development and Support Staff

Our Support and Development Team helps to keep Revere running at 100%, day in, day out, 365 days a year

  • Ferin Patel

    Ferin Patel

    Lead Full Stack Developer

  • Shahroon Farooqi

    Shahroon Farooqi

    Lead Full Stack Developer

  • Jameson Welch

    Jameson Welch

    Backend and Database Engineer


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